Our Guide To Organizing Your Kitchen


Jun 30, 2021


Open Spaces

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A kitchen with clear counters will serve you well. Not only does it look sharp, but it will quickly open up more space for you to enjoy. By spending a little extra time organizing this space to reflect your habits, you can make prepping, cooking, and cleaning any meal more enjoyable. Here are six simple steps to help you get started.

1. Consider the space

Before you begin, always consider the space and the contents. Could you move your dishes closer to the dishwasher or drying rack to make it a little easier to put things away? How about grouping your french press, coffee beans, and favorite mug in a Wire Basket to make your mornings a little smoother?

2. Group items by category

When it comes to the contents of the kitchen, there are several categories to keep in check: dishware, glassware, pots and pans, appliances, etc. Identifying the key categories in your kitchen will make it easier to create a system for where each should live.

3. Create zones based on how you use your kitchen

Pick up a set of bins or baskets and start grouping essential items by zone — a cooking zone for pots, pans, and utensils, a prep zone for cutting boards, knives, and measuring cups, a coffee zone with mugs, spoons, and sweeteners. This approach will prepare you to restore everything to its proper home during clean up.

4. Use trays to organize miscellaneous items you want to keep handy

A set of Nesting Trays for olive oil, salt, and garlic...a tray for dish soap and a sponge. By adding a tray to key locations, you’re intentionally giving every item a home. Plus, wiping down your countertops will become a breeze.

5. When storing items always consider proximity and frequency of use

Think about how you flow through your space and how frequently you access certain items: do those large serving platters you use twice a year need to be so easily accessible? If you have limited space, consider relocating items that aren’t used regularly to a bin or basket in a nearby closet.

6. Make the most of unused space

Shelf Risers are the unsung heroes when it comes to kitchen storage. They are a quick and easy way to double the surface area on counters, in cabinets, or any open shelving area while keeping everything accessible.

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